A brief introduction to medical canes

- Jun 12, 2018-

Medical canes, these canes have their own name - "walker", according to the number of contact points with the ground can be divided into the following three kinds:

General walking stick: There is only one contact point with the ground, the advantage lies in dexterity. However, because it provides less support and balance, it is only suitable for use when it is slow.

Tripod: There are 3 contact points with the ground. Due to the larger bottom area, it provides better support and stability than a normal cane. Such sticks are particularly suitable for uneven roads.

Four-claw cane: There are four contact points with the ground. Stroke patients who are suitable for hemiplegic use at the beginning of rehabilitation can increase the stability of walking. However, because four points can constitute multiple planes, when the road surface is uneven, it is easy to cause unstable shaking. Therefore, it is recommended that the four-legged walking stick be used indoors.