Crutches Affect Aesthetics--Female Elderly

- Jun 12, 2018-

When people are old, there is a lot of balance, and they need crutches to help themselves. However, the beauty of beauty is common to all people. The same is true for older people. Crutches, affecting the appearance, some of the elderly who love beauty to say so.

Some elderly women worry about crutches affecting the appearance, so often use shopping carts or bicycles to maintain balance, in fact, this approach is not correct. Walking on crutches, spreading the burden on the sick side to the trunk through crutches,

While reducing joint load and preventing joint damage, it also reduces the possibility of falls. Pushing a trolley or bicycle limits the range of activities and is not as flexible and convenient as walking sticks. Therefore, do not avoid using this crutch.

When picking crutches, it is recommended that old people wear flat shoes to stand with both hands naturally drooping, and then measure the distance between the horizontal stripes of the wrist and the ground. This size is the ideal length of the crutches. The bottom of the crutch must have rubber because rubber and ground

The friction force is large, it can keep the sticks light and stable when it touches the ground, and it won't slip.

There are several kinds of crutches for the elderly and which ones are safer. With four feet, there are stools. The four corners are safer. With a stool more convenient. With a cane, it is safer.