How to use is more important than wheelchair price

- Jun 12, 2018-

1. The patient is sitting in the middle position of the wheelchair with an upright posture, leaning back and looking up. The hip joint is kept at about 90°. If you cannot balance yourself, you should attach a seat belt to secure the patient.

2, muscle strength training to strengthen the trunk muscle strength and control of the training to ensure that patients can safely sit in a wheelchair for a variety of activities. Training often chooses such as bridge sports, swallow balance, sit-ups and so on. Use dumbbells, barbells, and other exercises to strengthen upper body muscle strength and endurance to ensure that the upper limb has sufficient support.

3. Wheelchair transfer training In order for patients to be able to use wheelchairs independently to complete various transfers, they must be instructed to perform specialized rehabilitation training. Church patients independently use various transfer techniques such as moving from bed to bed, moving up and down, sitting on a bed, going to a wheelchair, wheelchair to bed or standing in a wheelchair or moving to another chair.

In the case of a step, you should practice lifting the small wheel in front of the wheelchair upwards, tilting the wheelchair backwards, placing the small wheel on the steps first, and then pushing the big wheels over the steps.

4, to prevent pressure sores out of the wheelchair for a long time patients, should be decompressed once every 30 minutes buttocks, that is, with both hands to support the wheelchair handrail, so that the hips hung and maintain about 15 seconds. At the same time, pay attention to the pressure of all the bony prominences.

5, safety education to carry out safety education for patients, to help patients develop the habit of braking handbrake wheelchair; strengthen protection. Protective belts are used on appropriate parts of the wheelchair (chest, hip) to facilitate fixation of the patient.