Questions about the maintenance of electric wheelchair batteries

- Jun 12, 2018-

The service life of the electric wheelchair battery is not only related to the product quality of the electric wheelchair manufacturer and the system configuration of the scooter, but also has a lot to do with the use and maintenance of consumers. Therefore, at the same time when requesting manufacturers' quality, it is extremely important to understand and master some of the maintenance knowledge of electric wheelchair batteries.

1. The capacity of the temperature battery has a great influence; therefore, the charging time of the battery at this time is also appropriately extended.

2. Keep the surface of the battery clean, and prohibit prolonged exposure (especially when charging) when storing the car, as the electric wheelchair is stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place as far as possible.

3, to maintain the integrity of the other parts of the vehicle, replace the wear parts, reduce the battery to do no work, improve power utilization.

4, "eat state", to develop the habit of maintaining the battery full power state, whether you ride 10 ~ 50Km every day, should be added to charge. Keep the battery in a "full condition" for a long time.

5. Regular deep discharges are recommended; deep discharges are recommended after two months.

6, prohibited loss of electricity storage; electric wheelchair battery storage loss will seriously affect the service life, if the idle time is longer, the more serious damage to the battery.

7, large current discharge on the battery has some damage; therefore does not advocate overloading.