The difference between electric wheelchairs and elderly scooter

- Jun 12, 2018-

Scooters are designed specifically for the elderly. Electric scooter is divided into three rounds and four rounds. The three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are certainly more secure in four rounds. The advantage of the three-wheeled electric scooter is that the turns are more flexible than the four-wheeled ones, where there is a corner; the elderly will be safer in comparison to the three-wheeled four-wheeled area.

In fact, the purchase of such vehicles is mainly based on their own use, when buying a three-wheeled older generation scooter, consider more round, low chassis, vehicle to heavy car. This car design is still very scientific, simple operation, automatic With brakes, the maximum speed is only 8 km/h, so it is most suitable for the elderly who respond slowly. You can go to the Healing City People's Hospital of Hangzhou Province and go to the Healing Home Medical Device Store in 50 emergency stores. They are national chain stores. She sells scooter there. There are many styles, there is a double scooter, and you can open it yourself. Domestic imports have.

American Pride electric wheelchair HBLD2-A22 8 inch wide front wheel, 22 inch rear wheel, double support, short armrests, fixed footrest, blue piano paint finish on the frame surface dimensions (length * width * height) = 1050 * 620 *920mm Rated load: 100KG Vehicle weight: 48KG (with battery) 24KG (without battery) Maximum speed: 6km/h Reversing speed 2km/h Fully-charged continuous running time: 4h (a charge can drive 20km) Grade ability: 10 degree climbing obstacle height: 4cm or more (rounded corners) Dual motor, rear wheel dual drive, driving wheel automatic electronic brake system Brake braking slide distance: less than or equal to 1m Power supply: A pair of batteries in series 12V*2=24V ( 20h) Universal controller, motor power 200W*2 Features: Using double electronic brake system, more secure and comfortable.