The domestically made wheelchair is as good

- Jun 12, 2018-

Are imported equipment better than domestic ones? We recognize that foreign technology is more advanced than domestic ones, but the choice of equipment does not necessarily mean that imports are good, and it is the same for wheelchairs. In fact, China's national conditions are known to all, and it can be said that the development of medical devices has invested a lot of manpower and material resources. China's medical equipment is not worse than imports. Many people choose to import something when they buy it. They always think that imported things are guaranteed. Take a wheelchair. Imported wheelchairs are compared with domestic wheelchairs. Workmanship is relatively fine. Put together domestic and imported you can see it. Comparing imported wheelchairs with domestically-made wheelchairs, the design is more humane and has more functions (but there are no accessible wheelchairs in imported wheelchairs). The overall proportion of wheelchairs is relatively standardized. The comparison between imported wheelchairs and domestic wheelchairs is also an important point. The materials used, such as imported wheelchairs, are three-wheeled wheelchairs. They use Hangtailu alloy materials and have a 25 percent higher fastness than ordinary aluminum alloys. There are wheelchair fabrics, generally made of ordinary fabrics or leather, and imported, such as the Japanese, some of them using anti-bacterial waterproof fabrics. However, due to the emergence of competition in recent years, domestic wheelchairs have risen to a very high level compared with imported wheelchairs.

Nowadays, China's wheelchairs have been improved step-by-step, and step-by-step upgrades have already kept pace with the pace of the times and the pace of the international community. Therefore, domestic wheelchairs do not have to be imported. Today's domestic wheelchairs are slowly getting consumers' attention. Many consumers have already turned their attention to domestic wheelchairs. At the same time also by many customers like. For wheelchairs made in China, wheelchairs are selected. First, the production bases of mutual wheelchairs for domestic brands are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Guangdong, and Tianjin. The price of wheelchairs by region is generally higher in Shanghai than in wheelchairs. More, Guangdong is relatively moderate, and Tianjin is a bit cheaper. 1. The manufacturer of wheelchairs in Tianjin is generally a tax-free enterprise. 2. Generally, there are more small factories in Tianjin, including of course the OEM. 3. Affected by the geographical location, mainly export, the main volume. 4. Finally, the relevant materials are confirmed. Of course, the price is a point. ) Therefore, when purchasing the wheelchairs they want, the vast majority of users still have to find a supplier with a good reputation to make purchases in order to ensure the quality of the products. Next, in terms of wheelchair function, the more functions, the higher the price must be! For example, the most common wheelchair: four wheels, fixed handguards and footrests, generally priced at between three hundred and six hundred yuan. (Including material factors). Ordinary multifunctional wheelchairs, such as belts, or reclining, or folding in the back, or lifting or disassembling the hands or feet, are generally in the range of more than 600 to over a thousand (including materials) .