Transforming crutches must also know anti-skid knowledge

- Jun 12, 2018-

There are many disabled people, especially people with disabilities with lower limbs. After buying a walking stick, they found that crutches are not as good as they are supposed to be, and some even appear to be slippery. Everyone was angry and helpless with this situation. The manufacturers did not

Taking care of these groups who need crutches, sellers are not likely to know much about crutches, complaints do not know where to go, and spend time and energy on this unknown thing, not Chinese style, Chinese people always Suspected of this trouble,

So in the end, this kind of thing is totally gone. People who need crutches are disappointed with this, so many people have transformed themselves.

After buying a walking stick, most people themselves turned their heads off. This is true and obvious to all. The elderly are afraid of falling, and the disabled are even more afraid of falling! But they can't always sit still! !

The key to turning this head off is practical! If you can really avoid slipping, it doesn't matter!

The use of a cane rod for the disabled in the lower limbs is the main role of the replacement leg.

When walking, walking sticks are subject to a variety of forces, not only the main vertical force, but also bear the power of various twisting, so the crutches must also have a great yield strength, then the safety of the first A foundation, the second is

Non-slip performance.

Let's talk about slippery aspects here. The first and most important thing is to try to prevent slippage to the greatest extent possible. Try to walk in various angles. Take a walk and see all the legs! How can we make the maximum

Stable non-slip products come? Secondly, we should try our best to use durable and non-smooth materials. Too hard and too hard material may not be possible. It should be a material that is not very smooth and has a certain degree of softness and toughness. It must have certain plasticity and adsorption or friction when it comes into contact with the ground.

Should use some kind of synthetic rubber, small black rubber head and small senior beef tendon not how to slip! In fact, it is very slippery! After an individual's fall, he used a softer track sole...not the best, but a material that is not very

Pure kind of rough stuff! This is just a choice of helplessness. Which materials and styles can be used to prevent slippage are not described here, but consider that the relevant departments can still design this and other types of anti-skid seals. ratio

Such as: angle-type, multi-foot type, bottom ring type, metal frame rubber combined type, and even high-tech mechanical anti-skid devices, etc....... As long as it can improve the safety of anti-skid effect, but to be practical, the so-called practical is to do

The following three points: Lightweight, non-slip, safe, individual alloy crutches with low quality materials, thin tube wall, there have been crutches under the single-tube part broken in use!

I hope that this knowledge will help you a little bit. At the same time, I hope that a new kind of crutches can be invented to help people who need walking sticks to better solve life problems and let them live more dignity.