Wheelchair purchase requires more attention to detail

- Jun 12, 2018-

Wheelchair size

The first factor to consider when choosing a wheelchair is the size of the wheelchair. Incorrect size, no matter how good the wheelchair is not for you. The main parts of the wheelchair to bear weight are around the hips, the ischial tuberosities, around the femur, around the axilla, and around the scapula. The size of the wheelchair, especially the width of the seat, the depth of the seat, the height of the backrest, and the distance from the footrest to the seat cushion, if not appropriate, can affect the blood circulation of the occupant's focus area, causing skin abrasion and even pressure ulcers. So the first thing we have to consider is the size of the wheelchair.

At the same time, it depends on whether the wheel rotation of the wheelchair is flexible, whether the material of the seat is strong and durable, whether the plating and coating of the frame is defect, whether the folding is flexible and convenient, and whether or not the angular dimensions of the seat are comfortable and appropriate. Has it been used, I believe all people who buy a wheelchair want to buy a new one.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the width of the selected wheelchair is matched with the width of its own home door. Otherwise, it is also a big problem to buy and take home the door. If a family has a car, it is still necessary to consider whether or not the car's trunk can be installed. If it is inconvenient to use air, you can also choose a solid tire. Considering convenience and practicality as a starting point, consider comprehensively.

Wheelchair care

1. When the wheelchair is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a cool and dry place. Do not place it in a humid place for a long time to avoid embroidering. Avoid stacking heavy objects in wheelchairs.

2. The seat part should be scrubbed and disinfected regularly to prevent the proliferation of mold and maintain hygiene. Health work should be placed first.

3. Check each fastener regularly every month, and add some lubricant to the tires for qi and rotation. Regular physical examination of wheelchairs.