Wheelchair variety and use options

- Jun 12, 2018-

Wheelchairs have become more than just handicapped people and have slowly entered every home as a means of transport for the elderly.

Wheelchairs broke up and pushed wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.

The material of the wheelchair is divided into aerospace aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy material, steel pipe and steel pipe spray and other material differences determine the weight and solidity of the wheelchair.

The difference in style, self-help and assistance is the difference between the big wheel and the small wheel. The big wheel can be driven by the elderly or the patient. The wheel can only walk with the help of others.

The difference in details is the difference in cushions. Some wheelchairs are designed to focus on humanized functions. There are mats for winter and summer, which are characterized by cool in winter and cool in summer, with thick sponge mats in winter, and breathable anti-acne mats in summer. , go out to play to facilitate the folding section, weight gain can also choose a reinforced wheelchair for you to choose according to their own situation.

The characteristics of electric wheelchairs are tools for disabled people or healthy elderly people to use for transportation. Electric wheelchairs can be controlled in speed, electronic version of line operation, high sensitivity, automatic braking function, ensure the safety of elderly people in the exercise, operation It is simple and convenient, allowing the elderly to go out and play alone. It is no longer alone.