How To Choose A Suitable Wheelchair?

- Jun 12, 2018-

Wheelchairs are a mobility tool for people with impediments to physical function or mobility problems caused by other reasons. There are a variety of wheelchairs available on the market. How to choose a suitable wheelchair?

First of all, we first look at the type of wheelchair and its scope of application:

1. Ordinary type: Ordinary patient or health care and sanatorium

2. Unilateral drive type: Hemiplegic or unilateral amputees

3. Physical activity type: Use of lower limb dysfunction in sports activities

4. Electric type: use for patients with paraplegic limbs

Tianjin Wheelchair Factory: How to choose the right size wheelchair?

1. Seat width: After entering a wheelchair, there is a gap of 5 cm between the body and the side plate of the wheelchair.

2. Depth of seating: After sitting in a wheelchair, the outer end of the wheelchair seat is 5 cm away from the armpit

3. Seat height: After sitting in a wheelchair, arm rests flush with the waist

4. Armrest height and length: Both forearms can be naturally placed on the arm rest

5. Backrest height and slope: The height of the back rest is 10 cm away from the shoulder.