How To Fold The Wheels Of A Shopping Cart

- Jun 12, 2018-

Folding a shopping cart is a tool that is very popular and is similar to a trolley case. The folding shopping cart also uses the ergonomic concept. It is effortless and easy to pull up, unlike the trolley case. The folding shopping cart is foldable. It can be folded when there are no items to be loaded. The floor space is small. If you want to use a shopping cart, you only need to stretch the shopping cart in the folded state. It is a small one. Cart up. So today, I'll talk about how to fold the wheels of a shopping cart.

The disassembly of the folding shopping cart is very convenient. Pull the small clip on the wheel back and pull the wheel out of the axle.

The wheel of the two-wheeled shopping cart is embedded into the axle from both sides after the bracket is assembled. They rely on the clips on the wheels to keep them in line with the axles and prevent them from coming off. Pulling the clips off removes the force that restricts the wheels, allowing the wheels to be pulled out to the left and right. If you need to install it back, just put the wheel back on the axle and press it inward until you hear a click. The wheel will snap into place.

The folding shopping cart is not only suitable for young people, it is also very suitable for elderly people. It pushes people to buy food every day. It doesn't have to feel backache because of leeks. The design of the lever and wheels can reduce the weight to a minimum. It is very suitable for the transport of grocery goods, and the bag mouth can be untied, and sometimes it is very convenient to take items.