The Use Of Elderly Electric Wheelchairs

- Jun 12, 2018-

The utility of elderly electric wheelchairs is very popular among consumers. Elderly electric wheelchairs are constantly innovating in material selection and function. The materials are from the former iron pipes or steel pipes to the current aerospace and aluminum alloys. The function can only be manually controlled from the past to now only the controller is required. Control walking. The specific functions are as follows:

1, can stand upright and lie down, can stand to walk, but also can become a recliner.

2, manual, electric dual-use, electric-based, manual as a vice, go out without having to worry about power.

3, configure a variety of human features, writing racks, shopping baskets, hand ring, on the handrail.

4. Anti-leakage and anti-retro wheel are equipped, and 8 rounds of configuration ensure safety when standing uphill.

5, microcomputer control system, one-handed rocker operation, the car is open, easy driving.

6, five-speed, stepless adjustment, 360 ° arbitrary steering (free to walk around).

7, the structure is simple, strong power, electromagnetic brakes (parking automatic brake, half-slope can park).