What Are The Characteristics Of A Casual Shopping Cart?

- Jun 12, 2018-

Leisure carts are used more and more in the modern society. The current garbage bags need to be paid for use. So carrying your own bag is a better choice. A casual shopping cart is a great tool. At the same time, casual shopping carts don't need collars, and they don't waste too much effort. At the same time, the elderly can sit and rest while tired. Is a very good material.

1, stylish and beautiful, popular environmental protection, 600D Oxford fabric durable, and waterproof. 16*0.6mm steel pipe has a good endurance, surface painting, can prevent rust, bearing static 60kg, dynamic 35kg Oh.

2. The wheel is a universal international quick-loading design. When inserting the shaft, it is inserted and hardened. When the sound is heard, it is already assembled. When unloading, the ordinary wheels (hot wheels, water wheels, and downwind wheels) hold down the wheel core. Pull out the wheel while fixing the shelf. The wheel can be removed by pulling back the three-wheel and U-type wheel clamps. The installed bag can be removed at any time.

3, unique mute design, EVA foam wheels walking quietly on the road to solve the annoying problem of shopping carts and noise!

4. When not in use, you can remove the bag and wash it. It can be stored like clothing. After the car frame is folded, it can be placed in any inconspicuous corner of your home. Does not occupy space

5. The logo can be printed according to the requirements of the guests. The logo can be printed in accordance with the requirements of the guests. The logo can be printed in accordance with the requirements of the guests. The key must be said three times. It is a very good advertising promotional gift, suitable for anniversary celebrations, institutions. , social and other activities! Three rounds and stools are suitable for elderly friends to go out to buy food and rest.

Casual shopping cart manufacturers can choose according to their own needs during processing and production. At the same time when purchasing a casual shopping cart, you can learn more about the material and needs of your leisure shopping cart. Ensure the normal use of recreational shopping carts. Shopping cart manufacturers sell high-quality leisure shopping carts and fold shopping carts. Welcome to inquire.