Wheelchair Space Analysis

- Jun 12, 2018-

Wheelchair space with:

First of all, the wheelchair must be inspected on a regular basis to check if the bolts of the wheelchair are loose. If loose, tighten it in time. In normal normal use of wheelchairs, inspections are usually performed every three months to ensure that all components are in good condition. Check all kinds of solid nuts on the wheelchair (especially the rear nuts of the rear axle). If loosening is found, adjust them in time. Tighten to prevent the patient from being injured when the patient loosens the screw during the ride.

Wheelchairs should be wiped dry if they are exposed to rain during use. In the ordinary course of use, it is also necessary to wipe the wheelchair with a soft dry cloth, and apply anti-rust wax to make the wheelchair lastingly bright and beautiful.

Always check the wheelchair's flexibility and apply lubricants. If wheelchairs are not regularly inspected for wheelchairs, and when the flexibility of the wheelchairs is reduced, it will hinder the patient's normal physical activity and life. So check your wheelchair on a regular basis and apply lubricant to ensure wheelchair flexibility.

Regularly clean wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are a means of transportation that patients use to exercise their bodies and participate in activities. They are very important to patients. And wheelchairs can become dirty when used frequently, so always wash the wheelchair to ensure it is clean and tidy.